Sunday, August 05, 2007

There's no bad form, only weak minds?

I had one of the toughest runs at SAFRA MF today, although the rest of the runners RealRunner, Brokie, Vincent, DO, Fennel among many others ran strong and did very well...Brokie & Vincent did the 22km without drinking...oh my, unbelievable...I drank so much, I could hardly move... so Team Gentle gotta pay more attention to the good form of Team BroKiE's horse...hehe

I was just not myself today, and was feeling thirsty and groggy....probably mistake for me to follow RealRunner and Chin Whatt's fast pace initially...well, another lesson learnt, I gained lots from this training run. My Nike Air State Run shoes weighed heavily on my feet, and I felt the effects after about 10km. Running along the Keppel Road stretch, into Marina South was 'mental' although I felt ok with the average 5min/km pace up to the Marina Jetty for 11.6km....time check was 1hr5min. Since I brought my fuel belt, I decided to skip the water point at the Jetty.

By the time I reached the steamboat area, I lost steam, and had to let Ronnie and Chin Whatt go. I was desperate to look for some plain water to wash off the 'stickiness' of the gatorade drink. I was surprised to see Derrick, who was off form, and was very thirsty. We had our fill of water from a tap, and continued out from Marina South. It was not the same from then on...I stopped to walk a few times, as I was feeling tired...I followed Fennel from a distance, and she was running strong. Somehow Derrick was also very weak, and could not overtake me.

I decided to go via the Kampong Bahru way back for a 21km distance as I felt too drained to go for the original Henderson Road way back. Reached back the ClubHouse in 2hr and spotted DO who just came down from Mt. Faber hill....wah, his carbo loading the previous night left him with excess energy to burn off, and the 22km wasn;t quite sufficent...*salute*. I was just glad to reach back, and quickly downed lots of tummy was full of water, and I still felt thirsty...oh my! Its one of those days when I felt awful, even with a 21km distance...but, I am still happy to get the run in, and learn something more about my own thing's clear, the Air State Run can only be used up to 10km...most likely I will have to pass it on.

Distance: 21km__Time: 2hr__Pace: 5:43min/km

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