Sunday, August 12, 2007

East Coast Parkway delight

Went down with Bev to East Coast Parkway in the evening for her final long run before the AHM. She has been unable to do much long runs of 15km and above, so I suggested that we try ECP for a change. Reached carpark B2 at 5pm, and started off towards the direction of NSRCC. I told Bev to turn back after running for 55min to cover about 18km.

ECP was very 'happening' as usual with lots of bladers, cyclists, joggers, runners and campers. It was windy when we started, and we ran together for about 1km before I ran ahead, with Bev doing her own pace. Bumped into leh-lio and bf somewhere near the campsite, and looked like she had a ninja run too. Showers was blown in from the sea along the Yatch Club stretch, and by the time I reached the path towards NSRCC, the rain had stopped. The weather was great, and I was soaking in the sights. I reached NSRCC in 48min, and turned back by 50min.

Saw Bev along the way, and urged her to maintain her pace as I continued on. I reached back to B2 in 1hr38min for about 19km. Bev finished her 17km in about 1hr45min, with water breaks in between...I estimate she can sustain a 6min/km pace for about 18km, and should be able to complete 21km below 2hr10min quite comfortably. While cooling down, I spotted Eddie doing his ninja run....he seemed to have lost some weight, and his running form was looking very good. I plan to incorporate more ECP evening runs after AHM to prepare for SCSM.

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