Wednesday, August 15, 2007

adiRUN...the spirit is alive!

Due to an unforseen twist of events, and suddenly receiving stazla's email about the adiRUN, I made my way to Suntec City to catch up with old running kakis. Met DO at the Nike shop, and we both beo-ed the shwe Nike Zoom shoes...alas, they are for short distances on the track.

The group this evening was small by past turnout standards, but with very fast runners...cfred, dasher, stazla, DO, fahmy, Martin, aerosolcan (met him for the first time). We made our way to Esplanade for a warm up, and went for a fast 7km to/fro Kim Seng Bridge at about 4:50min/km pace...wooh, exhilirating...lactic acid built up fast within the first 3km...the pace set by cfred and dasher was FAST, and everyone was breathing and running hard. Finished in about 38min, and we headed back for some good Gatorade and bananas. A wonderful mid-week fast-paced run :)

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