Friday, August 24, 2007

Putting on weight...

Cannot wait for AHM to be out of the way...have been doing a lot of short runs as part of tapering....need more long, slow runs to burn the fats and excesses of the carbo-loading and business meals...will start with the 30km Progressive run next weekend :)

Had 10km and 8km runs on Tue and Thurs at SAFRA MF...I was doing them mainly at tempo pace to get the engine sufficiently maintained, yet not stressing it out as to be too tired for Sunday's race. Had to skip a carbo-loading arrangement with SgRunners running kakis today due to some unexpected dinner arrangements made on my behalf.

I started to consume more carbohydrates as from today, and will not be stopping my junk snacks will see myself gaining even more by race day....hope it will not weigh me down too much. Just heard that Alan Chao pacing a MP for 1hr45min...I hope to be within sight of them throughout the race, and not slack too far behind. All the best to MF Runners, SgRunners, MR25 Runners and my running friends for the Singapore Bay Run *thumbs up*

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