Friday, August 31, 2007

Cool recoveries

The official AHM results were released on chip/nett time was 1:42:33 and ranked 49th position in the Men's Veteran category....1min slower than last year's timing, but a couple of positions improvement. Some folks have said that the final 1km might be longer at 1.3km...haha, I really thought so too. The legs were feeling ok, with a very slight ache at the quads...probably from my late push at the final 2km.

Did 10km recovery runs on Tuesday and Thursday at MF, both times in rather cool weather, after the afternoon rains. The la nina phenomenon has brought much rainfall this far I have been lucky to be able to get my runs in. My mileage has averaged 55km/week, much lower than the same period last year, and although I have put on an excess of 1kg, I expect to lose that soon as I gear up for more LSDs going into the SCSM and Chiang Mai Marathon this December.

I am contemplating to be a SCSM full marathon pacer at 4hr-4:15hr, but will commit to running a even/steady pace to provide a good 'beat' to help those runners do their target timings in good form. Chiang Mai will be interesting for me to experience racing in slightly cooler weather, and if there are no hiccups to my schedule for year end, I should be going with the family and some of the running kakis.

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