Saturday, September 08, 2007

Heavy rain in the morning...

Went down to East Coast Parkway at 6.30am for my first SCSM07 Pacer training. Met up with David Tay and the group. Because of the threatening sky, the training session was called I was walking back to my car, it started to pour...fortunate that I could get in before the rain caught was heavy, rain everywhere islandwide. As I drove past BG to check things out, the rain there was very heavy, and I suspected that the run there would be cancelled too.

Went back home, disappointed, but glad that I did not get caught in the rain. This was the first time ever I did not run because of! I did manage to catch up on some sleep, and in the afternoon, went out for a run in the very cool and dry weather. On top of doing the usual 10km loop, I decided to visit the old abandoned Christian cemetary for 3 laps of 2km each. That place is normally full of Ghurka runners in the evenings.

One of the pacer members in the morning mentioned he saw a report about my run at this cemetary in my blog, and it sortta reminded me to try this again today....nice visit. It was me and 2 other runners occupying the whole place today, not a single Ghurka in sight....I averaged about 9min for each of the 2km lap. Ran back hope along Braddel Road for a total 16km in 1hr30min...I was glad to have gotten some weekend mileage in....I will be supporting Bev and the SgRunners gals at the Shape Run tomorrow, and looking forward to good, dry weather :)

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