Thursday, September 06, 2007

marathon training begins...

After a week of rest from the AHM, this week saw the kick-start of the MF marathon training for SCSM07. There were quite a number of new runners that joined Tuesday's MF Hill repeats. There was even a German couple who were good ultra-marathoners, enjoying the new experience of hills in Singapore...hehe. We did a 2km jog to the MF Loop carpark, where about 40 runners were assembled, before being despatched in two groups (the ladies went first) for 5 sets of the 1.6km MF Loop. The weather was cool, and I didn't have a drop to drink for the whole of the 5 sets. Most of the new runners were fast, including the ladies, and all did well to complete the 5 sets. I completed in 44min, about 8min+ per set....not fast, but sufficient as a workout.

Did another 5 sets of slope training Thursday evening at Labrador Park. Another good turnout, and lots of speed monsters too. I was feeling a little worn out, and was taking care to avoid catching the bout of flu virus going around. Even some of the runners were heard coughing. We jogged to Labrador Park from the Clubhouse, and from there, we were flagged off to do 5 loops of the 1.2km circuit. I ran at a pretty constant 8min+ per set for the whole 5 sets, and mostly ran behind Yuen, who did a very steady pace. Thomas and Sok Hwa were solid too, pacing me for the first 3 rounds. The new gals that just joined were doing great, completing the 5 sets effortlessly. I completed the sets in 40min, and then ran another 2km back to the Clubhouse together with the rest.

The start of the Marathon training has been tough, with 5 on 5 slope repeats legs were feeling tired already, but I am loving it....just hope that I can go on for the 24km pacer training at ECP this Saturday :)

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