Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid-Autumn Intervals

It was the Mookcake Festival on Tuesday, and turnout for what would be yet another fast and furious session was small, about 20+. With all the mooncakes we have been feasting, it was a necessary workout for Bev and myself. A slog jog to the Queenstown Stadium to get warmed up, before Jimmy Chow asked us to do 5 interval sets of 1,200m (3 laps)...and he rightly pointed out the correct way to do interval training...not all out running, but more of a steady, targeted pace.

I joined the first group of 5:30min runners who were aiming to do all 5 sets of 1.2km within that time....should work out to a sub-5min/km pace. I took the first set as warm-up, and progressively ran a little harder. Finished all 5 sets with 3min break in 5:28, 5:16, 5:08, 5:03, 5:07. Didn't feel so tired since I did not push too hard...leaving some energy for the 4km slow-jog back to ClubHouse.

Since it was mid-Autumn festival, cm's wife made some very nice mooncakes (green-tea, black sesame and shanghai types) for us to sample. The moon shone brightly in good company. I liked the snow-skin with black sesame paste best...not too sweet, and refreshing. Hoped the run was sufficient was burn up any remaining traces of the mooncakes consumed during this least Bev was conviced she burned up at least 3/4 of it...hehe

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