Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Monkey Queen

Highlight Of The Evening

It was my first time doing a night run at MacRitchie and what more in the trails. Due to a good turn of events, I was early at MR instead of having to miss the run. I took the 30min waiting time to do a jog into the Lornie Trails, and exiting via Lornie Road. When I came back at about 7.25pm, Brokie, Vincent, Cokiee, Cobalt, Jason and Ray were already gathered. Soon Ripley came running in, dripping wet from her longish run via BG.

I was expecting the Mid-Autumn (MoonCake) Festival run to be a stroll by the light of the silvery moon....too dark to actually run in the trails. With the torches, it became a pleasant paced run...I was covering the rear with Cobalt, with Brokie and Cokiee leading the way. Up and down the Northern Route, it was rocky at times but the grounds were dry and easy on the feet...we chatted and sometimes sang, did regular headcounts to ensure there were just only 8 of us, no extras running along. Cobalt was sharing about the runner who died on that same trails just last I had to be more vigilant about extra bodies around lah...

We exited Northern Route in, real smooth and quite fast for a night run...we then went on to the Ranger Station for a drink, before doing a detour round the Tree Top area to the Sime Trails...good thing the few of us were quite familiar with that part of MR. After a short while (yes, the route seems so much easier and shorter in the dark), we reached Jelutong Tower and went up for the nice night view. While up the Tower, we could sense that swaying of the Tower...a feeling I have not had in the daytime when I was up. We managed to take some good photo shots with Brokie's phone-cam, and proceeded onto the wooden walkway, into the open area around the Golf Course. The moonlit night allowed us to run quite smooth, all the way to Lornie Road. As we were running late, we went quickly along Lornie Road back to the start point at 9.30pm.

I did a quick wash up, before proceeding with Ray and Jason to pick Bev for what was to be a fun outing to the 3 monkeys Cafe. Met up with Brokie, Vincent, Cokiee and Ripley there. The place was not known for its food, but rather for the live entertainment by Kumar, the drag queen. We had 90min of almost non-stop laughter, with the Queen teasing the audience, some smooth dancing, and lots of hilarious jokes and jibes. By the time we left the cafe, it was 1.30am, and the whole place was crawling with happening babes and ang-mohs. It was real good fun, at very reasonable prices...I would recommend the show... With just 4hours of sleep into the morning, I woke up 'stoned' but felt it was a great evening of running and entertainment for me and my friends....certainly time very well spent :)

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