Friday, September 14, 2007


It was good weather on Thurs evening, as we gathered for yet another track interval training. I had only 4 hours of sleep the previous night, and was feeling the effects in the day, lethargic...was hoping the run ould give me a jolt and boost...hehe. Quite a large group, though not as many as Tue's. Did a 4km jog from Clubhouse to Queenstown Stadium, and chatted with Thomas along the way about pacing and not starting out too fast for his upcoming marathon in December....Tom is yet another new runner that has shown marked improvement in distance running.

We were to do 4 sets of 1.2km, and trainer Ong grouped us into 2, using 5min as the gauge. I joined the smaller 5min group and started off first. I was near the tail end of the group, but was adamant to maintain a constant pace for the 3 laps of 400m at 1:40 per lap. Did the first lap in 1:45, then finished off the set in 5:09....not fast, but good enough as a warm up. The second group was flagged off and Bev did about 6:15. There were some other runners who went on their own tempo runs outside the stadium.

I finished 2 more laps in 4:58 and 4:56. Sat out the 4th lap as I had enough of a workout for the evening. Ran back to Clubhouse with Bev, and she kept up a good pace. Lai Chee was running nearby, and she too was in recovery pace after yet another prize-winning run in Malaysia last week. Had a quick, but effective stretching session by Julie, before going down to ABC market for some nice eats. Ronnie, Lai Chee, Thomas enquired about this Saturday's Pacing Group training...there should be a small crowd for the run....I hope the weather holds :)

4km (ClubHouse - QST Stadium)
Set 1 (1.2km) - 5:09min
Set 2 (1.2km) - 4:58min
Set 3 (1.2km) - 4:56min
4m (QST Stadium - ClubHouse)

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