Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rainy Sunday...

Supposed to do a 25.5km Sunday Run, but ended up doing about 22km instead. It was quite a while back since I ran along the 99 winding road stretch through the slopes in NUS and back. It was a cloudy morning, and by the time I came back out from NUS, I was pretty tired...hmm, still not quite conditioned for the long runs just yet. On the way out, met Jimmy Chow who shouted for us to do 2 more laps of Kent Ridge Park.

By the 2nd time around the Kent Ridge Loop, it was drizzling. I was hoping to finish it off before the rains came....Alas, when we went up the final time, it poured heavily. Lai Chee was in front of me, and we were just drenched. I took shelter at the toilet area for a while, before running back with ZW. I decided to cut short the run as the quality of the run was dropping due to the wet shoes and irritating rainfall on my head and face. Went back to ClubHouse, did a quick stretch and washup, before going to Ah Kun with DO for nice coffee.

We could see all the determined runners braving the run, and doing the full works...really respect their grit, especially the new runners to the Club...we really have very good newbies joining the Club this season...impressive. After much chatter with DO, Bug and Derrick anout our Chiangmai trip in December, I left early for home to have lunch. The run today really brought on the elements of sun and rain...well, take that as conditioning then :)

Distance: 22km__Time: 2hr5min__Pace: 5:41min/km

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