Saturday, October 06, 2007

HOT HOT Saturday with the Pacing Team

Joined the SCSM07 Pacing team for what turned out to be a super hot Saturday LSD. I did not bring my fuel belt as I could not find my Powergels in the fridge....wonder where I put them...hmm, nvm, just take it as conditioning training...hehe

There was quite a turnout....we had Colleen who has decided to join in too. Aichai mentioned the xdd will be pacer for 21km...good...hmm, wonder if IMD, Fennel, teelee and the rest of the SgRunners should join in the fun too...will ask them. David Tay welcomed the group, and mentioned the 30km route where we have to run 2 laps of MacD->NSRCC->, a mental to/fro route. I decided not to follow the fast pace of the frontrunners, and ran an average of 5:45min/km pace for the first lap of 15km. Was rewarded with a can of cold 100plus at the mid-point, and since quite a number of the folks have finished their target and will not be doing the 2nd lap, I proceeded on my own.

I decided to cut around the Cable Ski area to reduce the distance by about 1km, as the sun was beating down. Signalled to DO and Colleen to take the 100plus before continuing. Along this 2nd lap, I met taz and many of the SgRunners doing their ninja 'Coastal Road' training...first was Bee who waved at me and caught me by sure was nice to see her smiling face, and I gave a bright smile too...then it was Roentgen, Piglet who was complaining of thirst....haha....Yankee and Tao....It was real hot as I proceeded towards NSRCC. On the final stretch back, I saw the rest of the Pacers coming up to do the 30km as well...Saw Aichai at the Sailing Centre, and then Caroline and Kok Sin.

The heat was really getting to me, and my mouth was parched. I stopped at 2 more toilets to drink...but without isotonic nor gels, I was feeling slightly weak. Fortunately, it was about 4km to go. I met the bunch of Bee, Piglet and taz at F2 again, and was happy to know they completed their gruelling 'Demoralizing Run' training...I pushed on, taking a step at a time...and finally made it back to the start point in 2hr45min. Based on timing, I felt it was certainly not 32km, more likely to be about 29km.

I was glad I was able to be conditioned in such weather, and with a few more sessions, I hope to be ready for my pacing role for 4hr. A gtough, but good training session. I hope to be able to 'jio' more running kakis to join in to be as well as a way of contributing back to the running community by way of a service...hope we can help some to achieve their SCSM07 marathon and half-marathon tagets.

Distance: 29km__Time: 2hr45min__Pace: 5:41min/km

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At 9:14 AM, Blogger Ronnie said...

that gal running with Yankee was Tao.


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