Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hill Runs

Did 6 loops of 1.6km at the MF Hills on Tuesday. The crowd was slightly smaller, and lots of regulars were not around. However, had some runners like Karan, hyperactive whom I have not seen in a while join in. I took it easy with a 2.4km slow jog from ClubHouse to the start point at MF Loop carpark. That was followed by 6 laps of 1.6km, which I averaged at 9min+, as I took the larger but safer sidepath. Was happy with the run, but was quite pissed when I had to wait for a long time for my dinner, which was delayed through no fault of mine.

tktan, xdd, brokie and myself had a nice NUS Hill Run on Wednesday. We started off earlier at 6.30pm, and had a chance to detour through Haw Par Villa...hmm nostalgic as we ran past those figurines. Went up Vigilante Corps, the PGP slopes and the NUS slope to complete a 'always enjoyable' rolling-hills exercise for me. Took us 1hr11min to finish the approx. 12km distance, and was treated to cold 100plus...courtesy of tktan. We were amply rewarded with very nice makan at Guild House.

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