Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Runs ahead of Genting...

Will be going off to Genting for 3 days, starting from Thursday evening. So decided to join the MF Runners for their 8 x 800m track interval training on Tuesday. We did the usual 4km jog to Queenstown Stadium, before all started on their 800m intervals, with 3min rest in between.

I decided to do 1.6km, 1,6km, 2,4km and 1.6km tempo runs, averaging 1:50min per 400m lap. I had a nice time doing the longer, albeit slower interval sets. The rest had it rough by pushing for the 800m intervals...really 'mental' to do 8 sets of them.

Will do a 14km tempo run on Thursday, before resting in cool Genting...hope to be able to get back on Saturday night, and able to get up for Sunday's MR25 35km Progressive Run.

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