Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chi Running Sunday

With the upcoming SCSM, and the need to do more LSDs, my weekly mileage has crossed 60km. There was a scheduled of Chi Running video at the SAFRA MF ClubHouse, courtesy of Phei Sunn, so a relatively shorter 26km LSD was scheduled. I woke up at 5am to the sound of rainfall, happy that it started early, so it would be dry when we start the run at 7:15am.

Decided to bring along the fuel belt as the route in Marina South offered scant water points. I planned to do a 5:45min/km average pace just to fall in line with the 4hr pace job I am up for on Dec 2. DO, Yong, Alber and myself ran at about 5:30min/km pace into Marina South, and after a little confusion over the turning points, we managed to reach the Marina Jetty in about 1hr10min. There were tour buses and long queues of people going into Kusu Island, and Alber explained his company was tasked to man the checkpoints. We spotted familiar MR25 faces doing the Runahaolic run, and waved them on.

The sun was out, although not as HOT as the previous weekend. It was nevertheless good conditioning for the runners preparing for SCSM. Alber ran along with me at about 5:30 pace for most of the way. I decided to move a little forward along Keppel Road to try to complete the run faster ahead of the sun...hehe. By the time I hit the Kampong Bahru slopes, my body was feeling the heat. I chugged up slowly, and walked for 25m near the top to take a forced walk-break. Then it was all the way down for recovery, and when I reached the Kampong Bahru slope again, Amelia, Wong and Shirley, who had decided to skip the slope were on their way back the final stretch. I went along with them for a bit, and completed the full 26km in about 2hr30min.

We did a quick wash-up, had nice kopi-c and toast at Ah Kun's before watching the screening of Chi Running by Danny Dryer. I have had the book for 2 years, but still, it was great watching it on screen and seeing how some of the drills actually work...and the lady model sure has nice legs :). Lots of goodies courtesy by Julie and cm's wife. Thanks to PS for making the arrangements of the screening....hmm, I will want to work on those leans and cadence-count the next time :)

Distance: 26km__Time: 2hr30min__Pace: 5:46min/km

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At 5:43 PM, Blogger Sling Runner said...

Sounds like a great run. I really admire you guys doing long runs week in, week out in such hot and humid conditions.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger The Dream Runner said...

hi sling,
although we do them week in, week out, we still feel the effects of the heat and humidity...lots more of such conditioning required for SCSM07, in case we get slammed by the heat


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