Friday, October 26, 2007

Tired legs....refreshed

Did 5 easy laps of MF loops for Thursday training, averaging 9min for the 1.6km loop. Quite a large crowd showed up, and since MF was going to have a 38km LSD this Sunday, the stairs training was done away with. I took it real easy, taking the longer but less steep paved walkway. I felt quite good during and after the run, and was left with quite some reserves, as opposed to Tuesday evening's run. Had good sharing with Phei Sunn, Thomas and Kok Kong about regular sports massages, 'delaying the WALL' pacing, using different set of muscles by varying running styles, and stretching in general.

7 laps round Labrador Park slopes...that was the menu for Tuesday evening at SAFRA MF. Many new runners...met FunRunner of SgRunners, who is a fast American just posted to Singapore. Meetings got me tied up the whole day, and I did not have much to eat. Managed to grab a banana just before the run, and that helped me get going.

The first few rounds were done a little fast, and by the third round, I was feeling weak and thirsty. Took a drink after the 4th lap, and by the 5th lap, I was getting hungry. My legs were tired, made worse by the heavier PI SynchroFloat I had on. I kept moving after another water break at the 6th lap, and was damn happy to complete all 7laps in 1hour....not fast, 8:30min average per lap. I was so tired on the way back to ClubHouse, and was craving for some good carbo. After a good stretch, quick washup, went with Bev to have delicious Kway Chap at ABC Food Centre.

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