Sunday, November 04, 2007

MR25 35km Progressive Run 2007

SgRunners who were @ The 35km Progressive Run

Got back at nearly midnight from a tiring journey to Genting Highlands. I didn't feel up to it, but this was the final Progressive Run that I had committed to do. Anyhow, I made my way down to MacRitchie, and met up with lots of SgRunnners (Ultraman, Kayano, SealBoon, Ronnie, Freddy, Brokie, leh-lio, DO, kk, Bug, Raven, TLR, cfred, SassyRunner, teelee), some MF Runners (Phei Sunn, Goola, sok hwa, Ironman Chua, Yuen), Nike Runaholics (half-timer, babes) and MR25 Runners (Vincent, Neo, Kien Mau, many many more)....a big crowd this morning...what a nice way to begin the Sunday.

This being the first 35km Progressive Run I was doing, I had already planned to do a relaxed pace....just enough for me to complete the 35km without any hassle, in preparation for my pacing job at the SCSM07. A quick brief by Stephen, and off we went...I started from near the back and was quite contented to lag behind many of those who needed to go upfront. After 2km into the Northern trails, I was alone...enjoying the cool serenity of the morning. As I was getting into the mood, the soles of my AdiZero SN came off...arghh, what a time to happen...I ripped it off, and continued my run. Just then, somebody shouted my name from was, she had caught up. Good, we decided to run along at 4hr marathon pace...some catching up and soon was joined by Andrew, another SgRunner....and then cfred & SealBoon. Together we came out of the Northern Trail in 22min+....ehh? quite fast leh...

The morning air was crisp as we ran up Chunky Hill...alongside the Runaholics who were doing 15km. We moved on to aircond road, and could see many familiar faces coming out already...TLR, followed by Bug, Freddy not far behind...then it was Ultra, DO and a few others. We continued along merrily, and on the way out, was joined by, this guy had improved by quite a bit. We could see Charmaine and teelee in front, and used them as targets to pace ourselves. Out onto LPR, and then to Main Gate after a few slopes...all were doing well, and I urged them to keep up the good pace. At the Casuarina Road junction, Charmaine stopped for a while to get directions, and we continued on along Upper Thomsom Road. Back on to OUTR, and it was time for the runners to refuel as we had probably ran for about 13km. A brief stop at the Main Gate, and we got on back to Aircond road, and did the 4km to/fro....this time meeting DO and the front runners.

Once more, Kayano's Powergel kicked into effect, and he overtook us....only a large Iguana moving across the LPR toilet area stopped him for a bit....haha....quite a large sighting, that one. Back along the bridge, a string of kites could be seen flying from poles. The sun was out, but the winds were cool...making the whole run quite enjoyable. The group was feeling strong as we ran back along the Golf Course and then on to Rifle Range trail junction. Another stop for Brokie, SealBoon, Charmaine to refuel. Kayano had dropped back slightly. Once into the trails, it was every runner's concentration to get up the 'mentally challenging' slopes. We caught up with teelee along Rifle Range Road, and ran together towards the U-turn point. Could see kk, Ultra, DO on their return leg. Finally reached the water point. The runners were all feeling good...and having run 2hrs along a rather challenging course, it was good news for them.

The return back to Rifle Range trails became more challenging, but we kept one another chugging along. At the rate we were going, a sub 4hr marathon was within reach for SealBoon, Charmaine and Brokie. teelee fell back slightly...the rest decided to move along. We finally made it out to the Rifle Range junction along SICC in about 3hr8min. Having covered 3hrs of running, and with only about 6km left, I told all to 'push' for the finish. Their legs were still feeling conditioning. Once we got back into Northern Trails, I increased the pace to encourage the 'push'.

The future MR25 water uncles & auntie

Charmaine was able to follow very closely, with Brokie and SealBoon not too far back. The final 1km of slopes did slow them a little, but they were not about to quit....super! I finally made the finish, along with Charmaine in 3hr35min. Brokie was just a few min behind. I was proud of them...they were all set for a 4hr marathon this year. Their mental strength had improved lots. I felt good after the 35km....most importantly, was able to burn off some excesses from the Genting trip...:). Cheered other friends and running kakis as they completed the run. Bee and Cokiee were surprise visitors. Some nice group photos and makan at Adam Road topped up the good feeling from this morning run.

Distance: 35km XC__Time: 3hr35min__Pace: 6:09min/km

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