Friday, November 23, 2007

Final Track Countdown...

Was lazing around on Thursday....went to collect PSLE results with Sean, Beverly and Amanda....he did well enough to top his school, and set a school record too.....yay! One milestone down for us....his has just started. Life is like a marathon....each milestone like a kilometre marker!

Bev and I decided to just pop down to join the SAFRA MF gang for their final track interval training before SCSM07. With the tapering mood, there was a much smaller gathering this evening. A number went for their own runs, while the rest of us proceeded to Queenstown Stadium with a 4km slow warm-up jog. We did sets of 1,600m, 1,200m, 800m x 2 and 400m x 2. The pace was slightly faster than marathon race pace....I averaged about 5min/km pace though the sets, enjoying the cool evening along with the occasional fartleks with kakis.

The final 400m lap was the highlight of the evening. We were divided into 2 relay teams of about 10 each, and a mini 400m relay competition ensued. It was so much fun, and there were so many high-speed monitors. By the time it ended, my team winning, the lights went was quite fun lah as we pretended to leave the stadium and waving at the grandstand of imaginary spectators....haha. Had a good 4km jog back, wash-up and makan at Henderson. A relaxing day, and with the tapering and additional input of carbo, I should be looking at 1-2kg of gain by race day :)

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