Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Twin Turbos @ Demoralizing Run

It was to be the final LSD before the big event on Dec 2. Because of road blockages, I had to take a detour to get to Changi Beach Park from the SAF Yacht Club chalets where I was having a family holiday. With just 2 hours of sleep, I was hoping that Brokie would be doing something much less than 30km....just fortunate that there was a very good turnout, and Team BroKiE was out in full force to pace Brokie. Hunky kk, Highbury and tktan along with xdd. Great to meet new runners hophing, Mashie and long-time-no-see SgRunners like cosmic_wind (who arrived in a gust of wind from a taxi) and babumouse (the resident Ironman) and Shutehelup. leh-lio gal was slightly late, and Ultra was there to shower the whole group with loads of sunshine. acleong popped up during photo-taking.

After the customary group photos, Brokie led a few for the warm-up. I planned to do about 26km this morning, since I already did 15km the previous day with the Pacers. DO and I decided to just run along for as far as we can at a 5:30min/km pace. It was a great start as all were moving as a group on pace. On to the Changi Coastal Road pathway, there was good shade as we broke into 2 larger groups...Brokie, SassyRunner, Highbury, hophing in front, with me and DO in midpack, then the rest. We figured they were going a tad fast at about 5:20min/km pace. Caught up with Highbury as we neared the canal....he was picking up drinks off bottles in the wonder nobody touches those drinks at all...they look wierd....haha

Courtesy of Gentle 'Spy'

We took the small canal detour that led us to NSRCC, by which we had covered about 11km in 1:02hr. We shouted for them to take their powergels. DO decided to turn back at the Sailing Centre, while I wanted to carry on. Picked up leh-lio from that point and encouraged her to run for as long as she could at that pace. She was like an inquisitive gal, with lots of questions about running and fuelling...I was just happy sharing with her what to expect and do, providing her with 'mental' food. We reached F2 with no issues, and continued on till the U-turn at the Bicycle Kiosk (15km mark) in 1:31hr. Brokie, Raven, hophing turned back and we were heartened that we were still sticking to pace, and not too far away.

With body sensing, leh-lio was able to confirm she was still feeling fresh on the legs and mind at the 20km mark...hehe...good. I told her we could attempt to up the pace when we got back to Changi Coastal Road. Brokie and Raven was always about 100m in front. hophing was nearby. On Coastal Road, we were met with one guy who was out exploring the new pathway. He paced us most of the way, and soon found himself drifted further and further from ECP, where his wifey was...haha. He exclaimed that the Coastal Road was one very long, demoralizing road...nuff said. Midway along Coastal Road, about 23km mark, leh-lio made her move and advanced ahead of me. The guy looked at me, but I stayed on pace. He was tempted to move up, just like what hophing had done much earlier...haha. I could see leh-lio closing the gap on Brokie and finally overtaking her somewhere close to the Changi Ferry Point. I think nothing could stop her at that point.

My legs were growing weary, and I decided I didn't want to push the pace. I was happy to just pass the various runners along the way....Ultra with Mashie discussing about running tactics, Shut in his 'zone', babumouse with cosmic giving one another the encouragement, kk with his 6-packs basking in full glory of the sun...haha. Took a break at the Ferry Terminal toilet, and had a chat with the party of DO, SassyRunner, Highbury who were kind enough to drive to that point after their run, in case anyone needed help. They had nice cold 100plus and mineral, shiok. I wanted to stop there to slack, but it seemed everyone else like kk, babumouse, the 'lost' runner, Brokie, leh-lio, hophing all had moved up. pian....I just continued in the shade of the beach area lah....and when we hit out onto the unshaded road, it was so HOTTTT.

With about 2km to go, I just plodded along, behind hophing and the lost runner. We finally made it in 3hr (excluding stops)...31km according to felt this was a good, hard workout for me. Downed 2 cans of 100plus, and wondering why Mashie could still look so fresh and prim in that kind of weather, esp. after a long run...anyway, she did say she had it hard too...heng arhh, I was not alone...haha. The two sisters, the Twin Turbos were really neck-neck for the final 3-4km...must have been a sight. kk, cosmic, Shut and the rest soon made their way back. leh-lio looked like she still could go for another 10km or so...well done...she would do well on race day. Brokie too looked strong, as was Vincent....they finished within 10min of one another.

Because I had to rush back to the Yacht Club, I did not stay too long to chat with the rest about their runs...from the looks on their faces...SealBoon, Raven, hophing and the rest all looked very conditioned. I am heartened that Team BroKiE was there to pace the Brokie for her final LSD, and I will be looking forward to the grand challenge of Brokie vs Gentle on race day...btw, Gentle did pop in in his very shwe bike and biking gear, and even took some photos of the fine running form of our protege...hmm, hope he doesn't misuse those photos! Suffice to say, a very good workout, and all who turned up and did the run will be in good shape for their respective targets on Dec 2....we can expect records to fall like pins....Yeah!

Distance: 31km__Time: 3hr00min__Pace: 5:48min/km

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