Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pacers @ CBD Run

Its been many moons since I joined in the SgRunners' CBD Run. With arrangements being made for the Pacers to be at this run, I took the liberty to inform a few others to come along to meet their respective Pace Groups. Only a handful of the Pacers could make it this evening, and in spite of the threat of rain, we had good fun.

I started from behind to play catch up as the group went ahead, and the smaller group behind got caught at the traffic junction. By the time I settled into my 5:30min/km pace, it was about 1km into the run. After a while, I had a group of about 10 running at that pace, with runners for 42km, through 21km to 10km...what a variety.

Interestingly, all stuck to an average of 5:30min/km, with the final 2km pushing for 5:20min/km. All were consistent, right up to the 10km babe who averages a 58min 10km...cool.
There's one more Pacer Run next Tuesday, and we hope more runners could get their final pace act together....ready, setz, GO!

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