Saturday, November 24, 2007

Final Pacer Weekend

One more week to the big race....the SC Singapore Marathon. Runners were out in full force, pacing in groups, at East Coast Parkway putting in their final tapering runs. Of course the Pacers were there to do our final paced run...a number of SgRunners showed up.

Our 4hr pace group maintained a steady pace of about 5:30min/km was good fun chatting with David Tay who joined us, plus DO, xdd, Ultraman, SassyRunner, babumouse, all running as a coordinated group. Somehow the 4:15 pace group was in front of us, but we were quite happy to keep to our comfy pace. David Tay shared his Boston and New York Marathon was great. We reached NSRCC, the mid-point in estimated 7.8km from the start at MacD.

We met many of the runners from the aniMILES, SgRunners, and many familiar faces along the way...waving and acknowledging one another...DT mentioned he was tempted to join the 4hr pace group if these were the kind of pacees (babes and hunks lah) to be expected on race day...haha. We continued to maintain the 5:30min/km pace all the way back to MacD, takinh a total time of 1hr29min. Ultra, DO and myself each grabbed a 100plus, drank as we walked for 50m, before heading out for another 6km or so.

Discussions centred around the 84km Sundown UltraMarathon we have just signed up at the SCSM Race Expo yesterday. The Sundown will be one exciting challenge for many of us and our kakis...we will be planning to jio even more friends and kakis to participate. Nice company and chats made time pass quickly, and we soon completed the 21.5km in 1hr59min.....not a bad outing....all were set for race day next Sunday. Headed off to MacD with SassyR, cfred, DO, DT and gang for a ice-cream cone and iced-milo...went down later to get a good sports massage from Neny....nice, those tightness have been reliefed, no doubts. Said hello to xdd and tktan as they came over for some ITB relief, and went on for some nice lunch.

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