Friday, August 01, 2008

FatBirds Run!

Team FatBird @ I-Run, River Promenade was a field day for Team FatBird with a record turnout of more than 140 I-Runners at the I-Run @ River Promenade on Thursday evening....I had to go a long way to fit all the I-Runners into the pics...haha. FatBirds were out in full force with 12 Run Leaders and Run Assistants providing full support to what turned out to be quite a 'happening' evening :)

The FatBird Warm Up

It was great having some very fast, stylo-mylo rabbits do the chiong-ing at the start, which escalated the excitement levels a few levels up lah....hehe

We had earlier asked for more drinks, and the kind people at HPB responded with 5 crates of 100plus + plus 1 crate of ice-mountain. I initially thought it would be enough, and finally some FatBirds might get our 100plus at the end of a day's sweeping, was I so wrong smile.gif


The weather was good, and the scenes along the scenic River Promenade certainly came alive with so many I-Runners dashing about all over the place...some real eye candy too....well done to all who completed their runs in PBs.....yes there is a large digital display clocking in the times of runners as they return to rousing cheers of the party smilie_daumen1.gif

And yes, Team FatBird's Benny, David, Charmane and Helen were the poster boys and gals for the day....excellent!

Photo SlideShow, courtesy of Brokie's camera.

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