Sunday, July 06, 2008

MR25 (25km) Progressive Run 2008

Part of the MR25 Progressive Run Series, this morning's run was the final 3, leading to the SCSM08. Always held at the sprawling and lush grounds of MacRitchie, this year we would be coming back by the repaired Sime Trail and Ranger path. There was a large crowd at this 25km run, and met many new SgRunners, faces whom I've yet to see. There were ckoksing, tim2lmt, fruitloops...and of course the regulars, PassionRunner, Alvo, Gentle, Ultraman, DO, Brokie, Vincent, teelee, Sarah. FeetOfFury (Fof) also joined in. Colleen, Eng Hwa and Goola from SAFRA MF was there too. DO did marshal duty today.

I started from behind, and took my time to inch forward. I made sure to reserve my energy for the always challenging Rifle Range pipeline. Came out of the Northern Trail in 20min+....hmm, not to hard pace, feeling good. Took my time to navigate the Chunky Hill, and then had Fof just tagging along. He overtook me when we entered into air-cond route, and from there, I was happy to just tag along. Waved and cheered the familiar faces. I was feeling quite good actually, in spite of the rays from the scorching sun. aircond road was real cool this morning.

Out from aircond and onto UPR, I followed LWB and then overtook him at the main gates. There wasn't much 100plus available due to the large turnout of runners. It was good I brought my own Gatorade mix. Turned from the Main Gate in 53min, and I just progressed steadily all the way up and down, to finally reach the entrance of Rifle Rangle trails. That was the tough part I was preparing for. I felt good in fact, and decided to increase the pace. At the pipeline crossing, saw the front runners on the, they were fast. I carried on all the way to the U-turn point at CIS, where DO was stationed. He told me quite a few runners mentioned that the route was pretty tough...hehe. I took a nice 100plus drink, and away I left DO to continue feeding mosquitoes and chase away monkeys..haha.

The slopes on the return from Rifle Range were real challenges, and I was glad to finish them. Once back onto the Chunky Hill, I spotted Ultra just running off towards the Ranger station. I decided to just follow from behind, and finally caught up with Ultra along Sime Trails. I almost twisted my ankle a couple of times there. Once past the bridge, and onto the Golf Course, I moved ahead to leave Ultra to talk to two ang moh runners. Spotted Leng Leng form MR25 taking a walk due to stitches. We exchanged 'hi', and I targeted for the finish. I picked up pace, and caught up with a few runners, before finishing in 2hr17min. DO and Passion were there to cheer us on to the finish...satisfying run for me!

Had a good gathering with the SgRunners, and found that tim2lmt was a real speed monster. I recommended that he report to Chairman of MR25TT (Brokie) to take his 5km Time Trials...haha. Was impressed that Wendy brought iced barley freeze all the way for us to was yummilicious...shiok. Had a good talk with Grace, who will be off to the Berlin Marathon after her 3rd place finish at the Sundown 84km. I wish all those from Singapore going to Berlin all the best. I also mentioned to the rest that some of us will be doing ChunCheon Marathon @ Korea in Oct08. With Passion's pail, and Brokie's dipper, I finally had my maiden full-body bath on the outside of the MR toilets...hahaha....must really celebrate. Thereafter, we went to Adam Food Centre for my favourite Prawn Noodles.

Distance: 25km XC__Time: 2hr17min__Pace: 5:29min/km

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