Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prayer answered :)

It was a wet afternoon as I was thinking if the I-Run @ IBP would be able to go on. Thankfully, the rain stopped and we had nice, cool weather by 6pm. Maverick had some matters to attend to, so I was to lead the 10km group. Kenneth would do the warm up for both the groups....great! Lactic was in her cheerful self as she prepared for the I-Runners to arrive.

Had a good chat with Celine and her group about Sundown. Took the heart-rates of the 10km runners, which is seeing a growth. In fact the I-Run group is growing, and getting good I heard it might be extended for many more! Seems like more new runners are taking to the roads, and going for longer distances.

I spent some time at the mid-point to cheer and help guide the 5km runners back until Kenneth came. Sim Wong Hoo and his team of runners had done something like 20-30km, and were still looking strong. I continued to join my 10km group, and had a good time cheering them....they were improving every week. Siew Chin was running stronger each time I see her.

Had a good chat with Tommy about his SAFRA Running days. Then spoke with Lactic, and she showed me some I-Run T-Shirts to pick from, something which I did not get since I was not there for the opening ceremony of the I-Run series. She had answered my prayer for a simple I-Run T-Shirt, thanks Angel Lactic :)

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