Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Labrador Rendevous

Sent out the SAFRA MF training program to Ang, and he wanted to join us to try out the training. It was to be 6 x 1.4km loops around Labrador Hills, but because of the heavy traffic, we ended up doing fast intervals round the 800m Park area. Labrador is really happening now, with lots of Seafood restaurants having sprouted since we last went there about 2 months ago.

As usual, we did a 3km jog from ClubHouse to Labrador Park. Ang was running near me as he was not familiar with the route. We did 5 laps of Labrador 800m, with entertainment of 'Tian Ya Ge Nu' type of songs being belted out by some song group...hehe. I did laps of 3:45, 3:28, 3:18, 3:16, 3:12. There was a large group of us, and the gals get to run 30sec ahead of the guys, and Chairman was the 'rabbit' for the gals. It was a good workout, as we are just ramping up speed after lots of slow running in preparation for Sundown for the past few months.

Ang was fast and furious, and it was great he enjoyed the workout. It was refreshing to see Lai Chee in 2XU tights, and Alan was giving her the finer points on maintaining good speed....should see her get even better medal standings for the shorter distances in future. Bev did 4 fast laps, and it boosted her confidence that she could still run fast :). After the hard run, we did another 3km slow jog back to the ClubHouse. Good perspiration was rewarded with nice Kway Chap at ABC market.

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