Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Run for charity

Team Dream Runners - S.A.A.B.

Bev wanted to contribute to the 50th Anniversary Franciscan celebrations by sponsoring a team for the 50km Fun Run Relay. Naturally, I formed a team of 10 Dream Runners, with 6 of us running...3 adults, 3 kids :). There was a total of 36 teams that turned up, and 3 very fast teams to boot.

DO Dream

I invited DO to join me for this run for fun, and he very sportingly agreed. There were some fierce-looking runners on race day, very young ones in their was later that we found out that they were trained by Fabian (Sundown Ultra-Marathon winner) who was also participating.....wahsey, didn't expect such a private run to attract so many cheetahs...hehe..... there went out hope to get some of those nice-looking trophies lor. There were 2 teams from the Red Extremes.

DO and I started the first lap of 5km, and immediately was left in the dust by the Red Extremes. We did our steady run, and arrived back in about 24min....not fast, but we were taking it as Sunday run to enjoy...haha. We were the 4th team to come back. I put on the bib for the next lap, and went with Amanda. She ran a little too fast, and had stitches midway. I encouraged her to push on, and not to walk too much. She did well to complete in 35min. The 3rd lap had Sean and Lucas running together. I was a little concerned if they could last the 5km as the longest any of them had done was just 3km. It turned out that they were steady in their pacing, and had the perseverance to push to the finish in a respectable 30min.

Having done 3 laps already, I let DO and Bev take the 4th lap. They had some chasing to do to regain some of the lost time. We were already out of medal placings, although we were not really concerned. I met up with some familiar faces, including ex MF chairman, Tony, who was out doing his LSD. Our team did 29min for the 4th lap, passing on the baton to me and DO for the final lap. We went at a tempo pace, and finished nicely at the Church grounds to rousing cheers. We were in 6th or 7th position.

After the run, we were entertained bu some very happening 881 dancing and singing, lots of Philipino drums and dances, magic show, and a very entertaining MC. I was lucky to win a breakfast maker in the lucky draw. Sumiko and friends came down from the Anlene Mile to support Fabian and the Red Extremes, of which she is helping to train. The kids in my team enjoyed the lucky draw, and we were all eyeing on the PSP special edition. Overall a meaningful Sunday spent in exercising and contributing to a good cause. There could be more of such runs in the future, and I will avail myself to participate and contribute whenever possible.

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