Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Growing running community

I was early this evening for the I-Run, after having finished my appointment in good time. Met Maverick after getting changed, and he spoke to me about an interesting Project he will be embarking on, and might enlist my assistance. Met the usual 10km kakis, and chatted a little. As agreed last week, I went ahead first to mark the U-turn spot for the 10km.

Took about 25min to reach the spot, estimated to be about 5km and a little more. After a short while, could see Maverick and two front runners emerging from the distance. They looked strong. Mave wanted to go a little more. He was looking strong. We went forward for another 700m, before Mave urged me to turn back along with the rest. He insisted on taking turns to be the last man for today...I was a little paiseh to have the trainer be the last man...hehe.

I went ahead, and led the rest of the 10km runners back to the start point in about 1hr. It was a good run for all of them. The ladies did well too. As we were resting, I spotted Sim Wong Hoo and his team cooling down too....they might have joined in the run too....since there are a number of runners from his company doing some serious running this year....well done. Heard that Runalone could be the fastest runner in that company...incidentally, bumped into Runalone at the same spot as we met last week....haha.

We estimated we might have done about 11.5km this evening. Good workout. Next week, we will shorten it a little to be 10km. Didn't see Slacker turn up this evening...spotted him ninja-ing at MF last evening lah. I invited bobafetish to sign up for SgRunners and join us for some of the fun runs he is interested in. Looks like we have a growing running community :)

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