Monday, May 19, 2008

Vesak Day Southern Ridges Rendevous

SgRunners @ Southern Ridges Route (HortPark)

In line with tapering period, a small group of us took the opportunity to tour the newly opened Southern Ridges this Vesak Day. Passion, Brokie, Vincent, Stardust, tohmin, stuck, Ultraman, lithct, Ayin, DO, Tekko, Miramis, GoldenRetriever, Bambi and myself set off from SAFRA MF at about 8am.

The weather was warm and humid, and the holiday crowd was out in full force. There was hardly any room for us to run on the Henderson Waves leading to the metal bridges. From there, we took the Earth Trails, which gave us some welcomed space for some running. It led us to the wave bridge and then to HortPark. It was jam packed at HortPark, bit we still found some space and time to soak in the scenic atmosphere and take some nice pics. We moved up from there to Kent Ridge Park.

Since it was supposed to be a recce, DO and I thought we wanted to bash through some small 'secret trail' to add some adventure to the run...haha. Turned out that our memory did not fail us, and we ended up at Canterbury Estates, right where we intended to go. It was familiar territory for many of us, yet new to a few others. We headed from Canterbury back to HortPark. Ultra's visa was expiring, so he had to take an early exit.

We bumped into PS yet again on the bridge. We had earlier seen her up the bridge when we were traversing the Earth Trails. We took Earth Trails again all the way back to Telok Blangah Park, before moving up to Mount Faber along Henderson Waves. We ran all the way to the Jewel Box where Marang Trails was supposed to be, only to find that it was not ready. Some of the party was happy to end the recce short as they were already satisfied with the morning's effort.

We estimated to did a distance of about 10km, but the effort was definitely a lot more since the route was undulating, and involved lots of ups and down, coupled with stairs climbing. It was an enjoyable and relaxing session for me....more of such sessions should be done to build up a positive mental state for Sundown :)

More Photos From Tekko's Cam

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