Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yet another I-Run

Because of bad traffic along AYE, I was almost late for this evening's I-Run. Fortunately I made it just before 6pm. Quickly changed into my new DS Trainer 13, and joined the large group of runners. Acknowledged Maverick, bobafetish and Lactic, before saying hello to the 10km runners.

Started off promptly and joined Slacker at the rear. He mentioned he upgraded to 10km this week because of touched...haha. We chatted as we ran, and soon met another colleague of his. I ran ahead to say hello to those who set off earlier, and reached the half-way mark in about 32min+...this route is definitely longer than 10km.

After all the runners have turned back, I ran from behind to play catch up. Spoke with Alvin, then Lyn and then Slacker. Found out that all of them were from, Sim have really rallied his troops to do a showdown at Sundown, and later on at StanChart...impressive. Ran most of the way back with Slacker, pacing him and chatting about running kakis and the SgRunners forum.

We reached back in about 1hr11min. Maverick told us we actually ran He would like me to run ahead next week, and cut down the mid-point by 1km both ways. I would be waiting at 1.3km at the start of the Clementi Canal Connector to turn the 10km runners around. Lactic did 3km and was challenged to a fast pace by a young runner. I asked her to to join me to do longer and slower runs next time.

Had some good chats with Tommy, a fast runner who started running in the 90s. Lyn was going to Maldives and we will see her the following week. Alvin has good potential to build up a goood running base. And Slacker, hmm...he was busy with the babe, so I didn't want to disturb him lah....haha. Till next Wed evening :)

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