Saturday, June 07, 2008

The aftermath...

The aches on the calves and lower leg were gone by Monday. Went for a Great Singapore Sale recovery walk for 3hours, and that helped a little. Joined the SAFRA MF Runners for a 12km recovery run on Tuesday evening. The upper legs were still tight, as I ran along with the group slowly along the Esplanade route. Met some of the CBD runners taking a breather near the Clarke Quay area. Went down to IBP on Wednesday evening for the I-Run. It was a much smaller turnout, probably due to the School Holidays and runners still resting after Sundown. DO paid us a visit and joined me for the 10km route...another recovery run. The legs were still feeling tired.

The SgRunners gathered on Friday evening for a Post-Sundown celebration as well as to thank the Tekko support crew. It was a large turnout, with a sea of red, the proud owners of the Sundown finisher's T donning their tops to the inquisitive stares of the public in the food court. The mood was joyous, with lots of fun and laughter. Passion and Brokie were busy with handling admin for many of the runners who have signed up for the various Mizuno Runs, as well capturing kodak moments of the playful group.

Dinner was followed by a cap-presentation ceremony to thank all the supporting crew who had made the Sundown run that less painful for all of us. I want to again express my heartfelt thanks to Tekko and his Sundown Support Crew. Thanks Guys and Babes. The caps were very nice, and had their nicks along with 'Sundown 2008' to commemorate the event. Some of us liked it so much that we implored Brokie to help us get one too..hehe....shhhhh!

With Sundown 2008 behind us, the group of us felt that we should keep up the training momentum, and begin a Ultra-Marathon Training Program comprising of fortnightly training runs to prepare ourselves and others joining in for upcoming Ultra-Marathons - Lion City 50km, NorthFace 100km Challenge, MR25 X-Country Ultra-Marathon, Comrades Ultra-Marathon 2009, Sundown Ultra-Marathon 2009, and more! The Progressive run series will have names like Dusty Run II, Iguana Capture Trails, 'Cho Kang' Geylang Rendevous, Muddy Grass Run, and many more. Watch for more news on this front.

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