Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here goes the Sun...

Yes, Sundown is just 1 week away. When the Sun goes Down, the tough will gear up and get going to compete in the first ever overnight marathon (42km) and Ultra-marathon (84km) in Singapore. My final long run was done this morning at the aniMILES route, along with die-hard running kakis kk, DO, cheow12 and sealboon.

The air was slightly cooler this morning, when we started at 5:45am sharp. The pace was comfy at about 6min/km, and lots of chatter going on. We ran as a close-knit group, and reached the end of OUTR in 27min....according to cheow12, the normal aniMILES runners would have taken just 21min to do the same....haha, we are not known to be social runners for nothing lah... nevertheless, we were enjoying ourselves.

We took the Seletar Reservoir way, and proceeded gingerly along the Mandai area. About 1km to the road entrance to the Zoo, DO and SealBoon turned back. kk, Cheow12 and myself proceeded on to the 12.5km U-turn mark (estimated we reached in 1hr26min...slow, but what the heck). On the way back, we chatted non stop and enjoyed the cool air in spite of the rising sun. Finally we reached OUTR, and was still having quite a bit of reserves. So we picked up speed a little, and ran at tempo pace all the way back to complete the entire 25km in 1hr40min...hmm, just the right pace for a tapering run ahead of a marathon.

Will visit the Sundown Race Expo this afternoon to collect the Race Pack, and meet up with Tekko to hand the support table bag to him. I have seen the Sundown running top worn by DO this morning, so I am not expecting much...very likely it will make me into a dumpling, one with lots of fats but not edible...shucks!

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