Saturday, June 21, 2008

A tired 'aniMAL'

I was scheduled to help out as a sweeper this Sunday at the Ponggol Central Run. Because of that, I organized a gathering of a few SgRunners' folks to do a LSD of 21km-24km at the aniMILES haunt. For some strange reason, I woke up to my alarm at 5am, set it to 7am, and went back to sleep...wahaha. It was a mad scramble for me when I was jolted at 5:40am, realizing I was late to pick DO and meet the gang at 6am.

(Standing L-R) DO, Prata, Bug, tohmin, Cheow12

Without any breakfast not even a sip of kopi, I dashed out of the house, picked DO up, asked him to sms the rest that we would be late for about 10min. We arrived to a rather large group of eager aniMILES' runners, all raring to go! I took a quick sip of water, fastened my shoelaces, and away we went at 6:15am. I only managed to look around to see who were around. The fast ones like Bug, teelee, kk, Cheow12 had already sped off. Passion, Wendy, DO, Kayano, RealRunner, Gentle was running in the mid pack. tohmin, Prata, hophling, DeepCruiser were enjoying themselves just slightly behind. I took the opportunity to say hello to all, and chatted about some of the recent happenings with the group members.

(looking at camera) Passion, tohmin, Wend88

It was a slow and easy run this morning, and the air was cool and crisp along the Seletar Reservoir way. We were enjoying ourselves as we ran past the pack of dogs who were rather cooperative. Hophling's team turned back just at the gate towards Mandai Road, estimated to be about 8km covered. Gentle's team turned back further up (about 9.5km) before we ran towards the zoo. Bug and teelee had already past us along Seletar Reservoir. kk and Cheow12 passed us along Mandai Road. It was then down to DO, Kayano, Passion and myself making our way to the 12.5km mark at the turn to the zoo. I had some nice discussions with DO and Kayano about I-Run and Ponggol Run preparations. Passion was real focused, just pacing us from behind.

Gentle & Kayano

We turned back together, and made our way back under the heat of the already rising sun. We ran as a single file along Mandai Road, and then took a toilet break at the Executive Golf Course area to wait a bit for Passion. Sensing that she was not too far off, we made our way back, and spotted Roonz and Aerosolcan doing their ninja run. My 'tank' was running on empty, and I was slowing considerably. I had no time to take brekky, nor bring any food with it was getting tough. It was good relief when we got to OUTR, where we at least got some shade.

I finished the run with Kayano and DO in about 2hr20min...not fast, but still a good workout. Passion came back about 10min later. Thanks to Prata and the earlier group that came back for the 100plus and Choco milk (I loved that one :))...nice run, good company, and discussions about what to wear for the SgRunners Anniversary...hehe

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At 2:52 AM, Blogger passion said...

dream, 2day's run by far is e longest animiles run i've attempted... 25km compared 2 e past 23km route!
4 me, e scorching part of e run was @ seletar reservoir on e rtn leg.
1 thing 4 sure, i desperately hv 2 learn 2 maintain a constant pace on longer runs.
wats e olan 4 next sat's run?

At 7:43 PM, Blogger The Dream Runner said...

Passion, u did a reasonably steady pace on Saturday; and congrats on achieving that kind of distance @ aniMILES route. I have the Pearl Izumi 12km race on Sunday, so not likely to run next time bah :)


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