Friday, July 04, 2008

I-Run Lead Runners

Exer-Fit which runs the Fitness Network Gym at Science Park, has become the organizer of the weekly runs at the River Promenade. I have assembled a I-Running team of trainers and leaders who went down for our inaugural runs on Tuesday and Thursday evening, hoping to bring our passion for running to the running community at the River Promenade.

The running group is growing, and figures about 60-80 runners at each run. That number is about the same as the group we are leading at International Business Park @ Jurong. We will progressively introduce running and fitness concepts to the group, like recording of runners' heart rates before and after runs. There are plans to conduct fitness assessments i.e. weight, fat composition, blood pressure, resting heart rate and girth measurements for all registered runners. This assessment will help in assessing their progress.

We have trainers, running leaders and assistants to lead, guide and motivate three running groups i.e. 3km, 5km and 7km. The existing route is rather convoluted due to construction work, and we have plans to smoothen the route and extend distances as we become familiar with the place and the runners. The group of 10 of us were pretty well received as we ran along with the different groups, and shouted out directions as best as we could to guide and motivate them. We all had fun, and it was good chatting with new faces and some familiar ones alike. I hope this will develop into an interesting running group where we can share our training tips and race experiences with.

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