Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good crowd @ River Promenade

There was an outstanding turnout of more than 100 runners at the I-Run @ River Promenade this evening. There were many new runners who showed up, including running kakis and friends. A slight glitch with the mic, but we managed to get the enthusiastic crowd to do some good warm-up stretching.

Our run-leading team was in good form, as we managed the various turns and positions with much better ease. We rushed to the 3km and 5km U-Turn points at the start, and stationed there to cheer and turn the runners around. Then it was a series out fartleks for myself, before settling down to a strategic spot at The Esplanade entrance to clap, cheer and encourage the runners.

The I-Runners have been progressing well, with good times and form to boot. The whole Esplanade became one melting pot with the Running Lab Runners and other running groups running alongside the I-Runners. It was interesting to observe the runners moving fluidly, with some very focused on completing their runs. In spite of an extra crate of 100plus which I brought along, there was still insufficient drinks for all. We have urged all runners to register for their respective distances so as to show to the organizers the large turnout of runners, which will require more drinks. The weather turned out to be nice and dry, after some early showers. And yes, we have made bookings for the ChunCheon and Soeul Marathon in October....Korea here we come :)

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