Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hort Park visit

Went down to SAFRA MF on Sunday morning after an absence of 2 weeks. It was good to meet up with the SAFRA gang, chairman, trainer Ong, Michael, Jimmy, Trevor et al. It was a pleasant surprise to see Ultraman and Ang turn up for the run, and Niwas from I-Run @ Promenade showed up too. Quite a bunch, as we headed off along Depot Road, 99-winding road and the NUS slopes.

It was a much needed LSD for me as I have been too many short runs recently. I caught up with the front runners slowly as the sun blazed down. Saw Ultra at the Central Library and we ran together towards Kent Ridge Park. Runalone came along and took Ultra away, while I satyed on to wait for the rest. Niwas and DO did not turn up, and I suspected they took another turn back.

I ran alone through HortPark and then back along Depot Road, for a total distance of about 19km. It was a good run for me, especially the first 15km of relatively steady pacing. Had a good kopi break with Ultra and DO at Ah Kun, before going on to visit Kayano. Francis will be going for an important operation next week, and we wished him well. He will be out of action on the running scene, but we will still await his return to fly along with Team FatBird on our new and exciting journey. We Just Run!

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