Friday, July 11, 2008

We Just Run

I-Run Training & Leading (Team FatBird)

It was a full week of I-Runs for me at River Promenade and International Business Park. It was especially great on Thursday's I-Run @ River Promenade, where we were joined by a large group of 80+ I-Runners. My team of I-Run Leaders were out in full force, all decked in our new Nike gear. It was through some supportive soul that we were able to get the gear on time to present a united front as well as for real easy recognition by the runners, as we led them through the twists and turns of the fun 3km 5km and 7km routes along the river and Esplanade area.

I-Runners @ River Promenade stretching

We had very good warm-up and cool-down stretching sessions conducted by Benny, with the few of us run leaders showing the group our moves. It was good to be joined by friends and kakis from SgRunners who had come to give the run their support. We all had good fun cheering and motivating the runners, and many of them registered their PBs on what was a very cool evening. In between stretching and cheering, there were lots of observers and camera-men who must be pretty amused by our activities, and were busy clicking away.

Team FatBird @ I-Run

It was a good first for the team as we set up the whole stand, registration of runners, led the stretching routines and managed the entire run from start to finish. It was a challenge with the small team we had, and we were glad all turned out very well, as evident from the reponses we received from the runners. The only set-back was the shortage of drinks due to the large group of about 100 in total. I hope HPB will provide more drinks for the runners in future runs. We had a good experience as all went back feeling very satisfied with a job well done. Cheers to the dedicated team of I-Run trainers and leaders :)

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