Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bzy Weekend

The weekend began with an early training run on Saturday at the Nike Human Race Training Series. A few of us went down to help lead, marshal, run-along and motivate the 100 runners who signed up for the 4km at ECP. Vincent from MR25 gave out the Human Race T, followed by Sacha of Nike providing the Nike Zoom Victory and Nike Sportsband for us to trial. It was an interesting set-up with nutrition-bar breakfast, 100plus and run training tents.

We had a good time mingling with the runners, and cheering them at the U-Turn and end points, and even had time to take one or two photos with them. There was some good stretching and cool-down by Racer's ToolBox trainers, followed by a very nice lucky draw. I had to rush off for a recce of a new run coming up in the East; so could not stay behind for long. The recce turned out to be pretty good, and we managed to locate a nice route in the end.

Because of all the very short runs I have been doing for the past few weeks, there was a real need for me to do some LSDs. Bev decided to join me to do the 20km MF run @ SAFRA MF on Sunday. 2 loops of the hilly 10km Signature route of MF provided a very good workout in pretty hot weather. I did the first lap conservatively, together with Niwas and DO in 54min. Going up MF via Kampong Bahru was not easy the first lap. The second time up was even more taxing, but I managed to run though it successfully. Managed to do a 52min in the second lap for a total 1hr46min for 20km. I felt good after the good workout, followed by a well-deserved large serving of Yong tau Foo with lots of chilli :)

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