Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nike Human Race Training #3

FatBirds to lead the Human Race (Singapore vs The World)

L-R Ultraman, Jancy, David, Anthony, Charmane, Beverly, Ronnie, Benny, Sacha

I started to have a sniffly and blocked nose on Saturday morning, and was nursing a cold by Sat evening. Still it was not enough to stop me from going down to ECP PlayGround @ Big Splash at 5.30am to do a morning run, before helping out with Team FatBird at the Nike Human Race Training Run.

With the many short run-leading sesssions I have been doing, I was looking to do a slightly longer distance to maintain my endurance. Started off with DO and Bev, and maintained an estimated 5:30min/km pace throughout until the 8km mark near the Sailing Club toilet. Along the way, we bumped into David Tay and Benny who were up early doing their Pacer training run recce. I had to go to the toilet, and DO U-turned back.

On the return, Bev and I were running together. Brokie, Passion and Cokiee were seen running up against the flow, and they aiming to do about 18km. I was real nasal, and had quite a number of water stops. I reached back in about 1hr30min, after doing 16km. Ultraman, the MR25 runners, FatBirds, the Nike guys and SgRunners were already there. I then had the good opportunity to try out the Katana Racer 3 for the Human Race Training Run. It was a very light pair of shoes, good for up to 10km according to the MR25 speedy sifus.

FatBirds & Human Racers At The Start

Quite a good crowd showed up by 8am, and after a good round of stretching, and introductions of the few of us by Sacha as the front guides of the run, we set off towards the Chalets with about 100 runners. FatBirds and MR25 pacers spread ourselves out to guide and cheer the Human Racers on. It was good fun and quite inspiring to see all the human race runners giving their best, and showing very positive attitudes to complete the 6km run.

It was nice to see a couple of RP I-Runners at the Human Race training too, and they told me their I-Run training have made them better runners, showing good improvements. It was satisfying to get positive feedback from the runners on the good work we have done with run-leading and motivating. At the end of the training run, we were rewarded with cold 100-plus, bananas and chewies....healthy replenishment for the good workout. FatBirds and some SgRunners took some nice group photos, ending the morning session on a very high note.

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