Sunday, August 10, 2008

Human Racers GO WEST

FatBirds were bright and early to West Coast Park by 7.15am. Already the bright-colored red Nike tents were set up, and registrations were under way. Since we had some time, I decided to trial the Vomero 3 for good measure....hmm, the shoes felt a little firmer than the earlier Vomero versions, but still offered a reasonably cushy ride.

Because of the PI Run in town, we had less SgRunners join us, but still a large turnout of about 100+ Human Race participants. It was good to see familiar faces like Sacha, Andrew, Siong, NomadRunner, PassionRunner, Wendy, Vincent, Lawrence and the MR25 Runners. Ben Pulham from Racers Toolbox brought our team for a quick recce of the route, before we all settled on stage to do the dynamic warm-up exercises. Fatbirds were on stage to back Ben up for his interesting and challenging warm-up!

It was a scenic start-off from the Pier along the seaside, overlooking monstrous cranes. FatBirds led the start, flagged off by Racers Toolbox, and as a group we descended onto shady West Coast Park. The Human Racers were cheery this morning as they headed towards the Dog Field, and back for 2 loops of 3.8km. Along the way, FatBirds, decked in their bright-red Human Race Tops, ran along with the runners, dispensing tips on breathing and proper running posture.

The runners were happy with the hard workout, and all had very good photographic finishes, with high knee-lifts and driving arms for that stylo-mylo finish, amidst loud cheers by supporters and finishers at the end point along the Pier. There were treats of 100plus, SubWay sandwiches and bananas. The weather held up well, and everyone had a great time....looking forward to the final Huamn Race Training Run #5 next sunday at East Coast Park....we can expect an even larger turnout then :)

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