Saturday, September 13, 2008

FatBird Marathon Training Session #3

FatBirds & Friends, courtesy PassionR

FatBird Marathon Pacers & Trainees, courtesy Fatbird J's cam

It was a cool morning, and when I arrived to ECP MacD, there was a large gathering waiting to start off the 22km-24km FatBird Training Run. Many runners came (see photo), and FatBird Marathon Pacers were around to help with the training and pacing. TriFam Pacers led by David tay were also on hand to do the 18km Pacer Training menu.

It was a very happening crowd, with runners from SgRunners, SAFRA, and even MR25 runners joining us for the training. Ultraman was already there, and he brought an entourage of babe runners as well 100plus drinks...thanks Ultra. We started off at about 7am, and proceeded towards NSRCC. The big group ran, chatted and laughed as we ran, slowing dispersing into the various smaller teams with different pace timings. The fast ones like FeetOfFury, LaiChee, bug, teelee, Colleen were up front. There was a large mid-pack where DO and I ran along. We chatted with new runners like edison, as well as caught up with familiar ones like la_senza, Passion, Mashie, YN and supcon.

DO and I stationed ourselves at NSRCC to wave the runners to U-turn towards Fort Road. All were cheery, but very focused. HophIng, Frootloops, Terry and the young ones were pretty consistent. Niwas and Cokiee who came slightly later, joined in midway, and caught up with the rest. Chantelle was running strong as usual, and enjoying herself as she moved past the inline skating park towards Fort Road. I caught up with Ah Beng and Ong from I-Run and ran along with them towards Fort Road and back. These runners were getting faster, and just needed to improve their form, before doing even better timings. With the FatBird Pacers coming on-stream in the next two weeks, we are confident that many of them training with the Pacers will have no problem hitting their target Marathon timings.

I was impressed with the hydration support organized by Ultraman and Passion for this morning. Cups of 100plus were handed to the Pacers and Marathon trainees as we ran past the shed, machiam like being in a race.....hehe....well done! After the turn at Fort Road, I could see Feet on the return for another 4km....he did 28km. We ran at a steady pace to the end to the large crowd who were enjoying their 100plus. Run timings of the trainees were recorded, before we proceeded for some nice group pics.

The weather held out to the end, and it was indeed an enjoyable morning run for all. Because of the KPE SWING the next day, the 21km+ was just sufficient to burn off some of the mooncakes I had swallowed over the past 1 week...hehe. The Marathon training group is growing, and I look forwward to more joining in as the weeks towards the SCSM progresses. It was very fun to run and train in groups, and I hope to have the fatBird Pacers join in and train along with the Marathon trainees by end September :)

Photo SlideShow, courtesy Passion's cam

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