Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kangoo Running?

Spent a lazy Sunday morning with the family at guess where, haha...the PlayGround @ Big Splash. As I drove in, I recalled the nice Nike Human Series Training runs FatBirds were supporting, of which a few sessions were started there. The Human Race was to be run this evening 31.08.08, and I was inicidentally wearing the maroon Human Race 'teaser' apt....hehe. The Human Race boards were still standing tall, alonside the newer Aviva 70.3 Half-Ironman billboards.

3 of us went to the Kangoo shoe shop, and ordered 3 pairs of those springy shoes to try them out. It was a lot easier to adapt than we thought, but the workout we received was easily more than twice that of just plain I was perspiring like rain, and my face and T-Shirt were soaked. We had loads of fun, and we bounced like Kangaroos and ran like humans on spring coils...haha. There were many curious onlookers, and on the way bumped into Stazla who was quite keen to know how well the shoes worked.

I must say that the shoes really gave me a hard cardio and my quads felt like jello afterwards. A nice cross-training and recovery session indeed. I felt so hungry from that 40min workout and was glad to cocoon inside quaint OldTown CoffeeHouse for some good Ipoh fare....yummilicious.

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