Sunday, August 17, 2008

Final Human Race Training Run

FatBirds & EKIN & Racers ToolBoxer

FatBirds & SgRunners

The 5th and final Human Race Training Run once again returned to the PlayGround @ Big Splash, East Coast Parkway. FatBirds went down quite early, and immediately went to look for Sacha, with his new offerings....yes, the Nike Cushion Light Trainers (Spiders), which I have been looking forward to take it on the road. Assistants from Nike, Racers ToolBox, MR25 were already there, setting up the registration and shoe trials.

Ben gave FatBirds a short brief of the 8km route, from Big Splash to Cable Ski area and back. As the time went past 8am, lots of runners, including many SgRunners and Human Racers turned up. Jonathan from Racers Toolbox gave a final word on tapering and preparing for race day, followed by the customary dynamic warm-ups from Ben, supported by Team FatBird (members from SgRunners, MR25, SAFRA).

The pace this morning was rather balanced, not too fast, just nice for the group to stay closer together. The weather was cool, and all of us were prepared with caps and shades. The Spider had very good forefoot cushion, and was very responsive. I did not feel any heavy impact from the hard concrete surface of the Pedestrian Path we were keeping too. The yellow colour was bright and eye-catching, and quite a few compliments from other runners about the looks of the shoes...hehe.

The bulk of the Human Racers turned at halfway point in 24min-28min. Jancy and myself were cheering and motivating them at the U-turn, along with the new NZ guy from Racers T. The Human Racers have progressed very well through the 5 training runs, and many of them are a lot more confident about their pace and breathing as compared with their capabilities a month ago. I am confident they will do well on 31.08.08. In true Nike and FatBird spirit, we cheered, paced and ran along with all runners for the final 100m of the run. That added a lot of excitement and fun to the finish, and hopefully, will give nice memories to the Human Racers to keep for some time. The Nike Spider shoes passed with flying colours as far as I am concerned, and I could wear them for at least a 21.1km race.

This final Human Race Training Run was an interesting and fun journey for myself and the 7-8 FatBird Team members who were involved in the run-leading and helping out from the first run. In retrospect, I am glad that we volunteered to help out through MR25, and got to know the Nike and Racers Toolbox crew along the way....thanks for all the chats, fun and laughter we guys rock! And of course to the Human Race participants, it was great running along and getting to know you guys and gals....all to best for your 10km race....and remember, Focus On Your Breathing :)

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