Friday, August 22, 2008

My-Lunar @ I-Run

Brought my new Nike Lunar shoes to the two I-Runs @ River Promenade for trials this week. It attracted quite a fair bit of attention from the runners, as it was probably the first time many of them have laid eyes on the 'candy'. A few of them even thought that they were shoes for streetwear and gai gai, and didn't really thought it was for running; but their impressions immediately changed when they heard about the Phylon & LunarLite Foam technology and how the cushion was supposed to help with defying gravity (when running) to some extent...hehe

As I ran in them at the very hard surfaces along the River Promenade and Esplanade area, the Lunar Trainer really proved its mettle in the area of impact cushioning and shock absorption. I could feel the firm bounce with every stride, as the shoes took most of the impact instead of my, I finally found some relief for my poor legs who were taking lots of pounding on those hard grounds. Of course it helped that the Lunars were very light, making my running form look even more effortless than before; maybe I even looked like running on the moon from the back? hehe

After using the shoes a couple of times now, it has more or less been broken in, and the feeling gets better each time as I feel the shoes wrap around my feet pretty snugly, contributing to a cushy and pampered feel.

With its simple, clean top and colorful, patterned bottom, the Lunars look great, and has been a attention magnet, good conversation piece and topic opener. It is not too loud, yet stand out in a cool, subtle manner. Incidentally, while following the Olympics, I have spotted the Lunars being donned by the women marathoners and triathletes. The distinctive yellow/black bottom of the shoes really make them stand out and are easily spotted from among the crowd....chio!

My initial impressions are that the Lunar has both looks and function, and is set to be one of the running gems from Nike in the years to come.

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