Saturday, September 06, 2008

Marathon Pacers Training Session #3

The Marathon Pacers flexing their muscles :)

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning at around 4am. There were a number of sms-es asking if the Marathon Training Program will continue, and some indicated they could not make it down to ECP because of the heavy downpour. Regardless of weather, Team FatBird will try to go down and access the situation before deciding on the run.

The rain stopped at 6am, as I picked DO and Charmane up. When we arrived to ECP inline skating area, there was a group of SgRunners (Terry, FrootLoops...), I-Runners (YN, Ang...) and FatBirds already. Aichai, Kok Sin, Benny, DO and myself were the pacers for the day. Most of them ran the 20km route (which actually turned out to be 18.7km according to the very accurate Garmin 405)...hmm, we will have to extend the actual distance on the ground in future. As we have a MR25 30km Progressive Run tomorrow, DO and I ran an easy 10km with the group.

The weather was immaculate, cool and crisp. All of us ran in a group for most of the way, and nice chats of the MoonCake I-Run next Thursday took centre stage :). DO and I turned back at the Cable Ski area while the rest continued on. We reached back toin about 1hr; met Sleek, jeregoh who were about to go for their own 10-15km run. Bumped into Niwas and BabyGal and her Whippet who were also down to support the Marathon Trainees.

After-training against a scenic backdrop

Happy Times @ MacD

Passion came back shortly after her easy 12km, followed by AiChai and Kok Sin who did about 16km. The rest came back in about 2hr, covering 18.7km....not a bad LSD run for all. As usual, some customary group photos later, we gathered at MacD for brekky and yummy cone ice-cream....lots more talk about MoonCake run and SWING KPE centipede...hehe

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, courtesy of PassionRunner

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