Monday, September 01, 2008

Marathon Pacers Training Session #2

Marathon Pacers Training @ ECP, Courtesy Passion-Esther

Last Saturday morning we had the Marathon Pacees/Trainees join us for the training...we have begun to send out the weekly training schedule for the 16-week training program, beginning last week. Got the ECP inline skating park by 6.20am. The runners started coming in, and by 6:45am, we were ready to go for our 20km LSD.

It was good to have a number of I-Runners and SgRunners join us for the training. We chatted heartily as we ran towards Big Splash at an average 6:30min/km pace. By the time we turned back to inline skating park, we had covered about 4km. Brokie and Vincent just arrived, and started their approach following our earlier route. Chantelle joined us somewhere from CarPark E. It was nice running along Sarah, then supcon, then SealBoon and HophIng. Mashie and Passion turned back for a shorter 8km route.

YN was doing a very steady pace as she navigated the NSRCC stretch with very smooth strides. DO, Benny and I turned back and headed all the way back to MacD area. I caught up with Chantelle at the Food Centre area, and paced her all the way back. She ran a rather quick final 2km, as we completed our 20km in 1hr54min. We all had our timings recorded, and by then, Ang, Byron and the TriFam runners left us.

Jubilant Marathon Trainees @ ECP, Courtesy Passion-Esther

We had some nice group photos when Raven came back. We had a kind offer to wash-up at cosy Platnet Fitness at ParkWay Parade, before convening at the usual Food Centre for our Tom Yum Ramen and Tim Sum fare. Nice training session with an interesting and chatty bunch. I suspect this group of trainees will grow in numbers in the weeks ahead.

Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr54min__Pace: 5:42min/km

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At 1:32 AM, Blogger roentgen said...

Hey Dream, what timings are available for pacing teams? Was toying with the idea of running as a pacer, possibly for future SCSMs :)

At 9:30 AM, Blogger The DreamRunner said...

Hi Roentgen,
greetings from Singapore. Pacer Timings this year will range from 3:45hr, 4:00hr, 4:15hr, 4:30hr, 4:45hr, 5:00hr, 5:15hr, 5:30hr (Full-Marathon) and 2:00hr, 2:15hr, 2:30hr (Half-Marathon) subject to Pacer availability.

You and your kakis keen to join us as Pacers? Let me know your email and I put you on the Pacers Training mailing list.


At 9:36 AM, Blogger roentgen said...

Thanks for the info Dream :) I will still be in the US for a while more, so if I do run as a pacer, the earliest will be SCSM 2009.


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