Sunday, September 14, 2008


Team FatBird's Centipede at the start, courtesy taz

First time running through the new KPE Tunnel....first time do a run with free registration....first time trying out the Centipede format in a run. FatBirds and friends gathered at Kovan Heartland Mall, before taking the bus provided by LTA to the start point along Tampines Road. There was quite a crowd gathered, but fortunately, the group taking part in 10km was quite small.

Team FatBird's members, decked out in our official blue AeroGraphics running gear, were linked together via comms-cord and caribinas. Jancy, Frootloops, Niwas and Bev were leading the centipede formation, with Spencer, Vincent, Quincy, Terry, ckoksing, Charmane, zco, Cokiee, acidburn, DO among others following behind. Raven and myself covered the rear to prevent any stray runners from running into the formation. Wendy and acleong were running alongside for some parts, and taking photos for us.

The first 3km into the tunnel was quite stuffy, and we sweated buckets. With our 6min/km pace, we moved along quite smoothly. Sleek, babygal, Taz, Mike Kang, outrider were among the pacers following us...pacers pacing pacers? hehe. With their help to guide traffic, and open up passageways, FatBird Centipede's journey was pretty smooth. Along the way, we met tekko, Molly, and many other familiar faces from SgRunners, I-Run, MF Runners and other running communities. All the runners were enjoying themselves, and as FatBird went with the cheers of 'Go FatBird Go....GO', many onlookers were quite amused with the formation and the precision of how we were pacing...hehe.

When we reached about 8km, we hit the human wall of 5km runners and had to slow down to a slightly slower 6min+/km pace. Sleek dropped back to locate babygal while FatBird tried to weave ourselves through the thick crowd. I had to raise my voice for 'Go, FatBird Go' commands, so that the runners would know of our coming did work quite well in the end. I was surprised to see the end point come into sight after a while, and we shouted and cheered all the way through the finish. An ambulance was right ahead trying to go into the tunned to rescue those who had fainted from the apparent thin and bad air in the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel for Team FatBird, courtesy of acleong

We finished the 9.8km in 1hr2min....hmm, not bad for a Centipede run comprising of 16 kakis. We collected an interesting goodie bag after the run, and proceed for some nice ice-cold milo. There were walkers on stilts, and a carnival to entertain the families and social runners....quite a nice atmosphere for all. We were fortunate to be in the short queue for the buses back to Kovan, and met up with Bert and Jo from I-Run @ IBP. Overall, a nice Sunday outing with friends from FatBird and SgRunners.

Photo Slideshow from acleong's cam

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