Saturday, December 12, 2009

SCSM09 Reflections...

With the successful completion of SCSM09, it is also time for me to take a breather from all those long weekend training runs and preparations of the Marathon Pacers. Looking at the rave reviews and compliments from the appreciative runners who have made their dream timings and completions at SCSM09, it was all worth the extra distance (no pun intended) we went to map the pace strategies and plans, organize pace training and familiarization runs, provide sufficient opportunities for the runners to prepare ahead of the race, and finally meet and pace with them in completing what would be the 'mother' of all marathons in Singapore.

Pacing for the 4:00h yet again this year, I was happy to see such a large group of runners following the group and being able to make it to sub-4hr timing. I felt that the field of marathoners this year was much stronger than in previous years, as many of them came prepared, and were able to last most of the way with the Pace Team. Being the sweeper of my pace team this time, I had the pleasure and vantage view of the group running in unison and nice formation. I was heartened to know that all the other Pace Groups in our team also had similar experiences, and were able to bring many 'Pacees' across to their target timings, closing up with the finish 2-3min after the cut-off pace time for their respective groups.

With the feedback and comments from all quarters, I will be doing a post mortem with my marathon pace team, to see how we can improve and contribute to benefit even more marathon runners seeking to accomplish their dream target timings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Team FatBird Runners, sponsors and partners, friends and runners from the various running clubs, running kakis and friends, the running community for all the support, encouragement and constructive feedback provided to Team FatBird to accomplish the SCSM09 mission in our philosophy of Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

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