Saturday, June 19, 2010

the simple things...

It has been a great time of World Cup action for the past 10 days, and it is just timely that there are no major running and training events around this period. Without any need for planning, a few of us decided to just head down to the MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) to check out the distances of the routes and the terrain we might want to use for AHM training.

Simple Runners @ SgRunners anniversary

There was a hive of activity at MR, with the SgRunners Simple Run in progress. In the midst, there were a number of weary-eyed runners who endured a grueling early morning supporting the 'boring' England match. The few of us started our own run towards the Northern Trails, and out towards UPR and then to the main gate of LPR. Since I was running alone for stretches, there were some solitude moments which I shared with the monkeys from the forest area. It was great to bump into the aniMILES at their usual hangout area, and we had a good round of chats around The World Cup and overseas running races.

After I briefed John the route back to MR, I proceeded on to check out the remaining stretches up to the 8.2km U-Turn. It might have been due to the World Cup; I saw fewer runners on the trails and roads this morning. I completed the whole recce run of 16.5km to reach back to the MR Centre full of red/black shirted Simple Runners. It was great catching up with many friends from SgRunners, Team FatBird, Team Coconut, Bishanners, and other running groups, all under one roof.

Lots of laughter from stories about crawlers, walkers and of course, the World Cup again....haha. It was a nice time to get all runners together during this 'lull' running period, and we shared quite a few recent race experiences as well. An enjoyable run coupled with catching up with and getting to know more runners made for an enriching Saturday morning...the simple things in life are truly enjoyable and satisfying :D

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