Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in review

This was the year where I did not plan for much, but went on to achieve quite a fair bit at the running front. In quick reflection, the following were some of the highlights for me:

1. Completed the Sundown Ultra-Marathon 84km
2. Did back-back weekend full marathons at ChunCheon and JoongAng, Seoul in Korea
3. Achieved my full marathon PB of 3hr36min at the ChunCheon Marathon
4. Participated in run-leading and marshaling via the various I-Run sessions at IBP, RP and CBP
5. Formed Team FatBird to manage and lead the I-Run @ RP sessions
6. Formed Team FatBird Pacers team which led SCSM08 participants to achieve their respective timing goals. I completed my personal mission of 4Hr Pace on target.
7. Played lead runner at the NorthFace 100 Ultra-Marathon
8. Achieved my 10km PB of 45min at the Mizuno Wave Run
9. Made many new friends and running kakis
10. Enjoyed a whole year of injury-free running

May 2009 bring more cheers and joys in running for me and Team FatBird :)

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At 10:55 AM, Blogger Sling Runner said...

A teriffic year for you Dream! All the best in 2009.

Sling Runner


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