Sunday, December 21, 2008

Return to the slopes @ MF

Team FatBird & Friends @ SAFRA MF

It is at least half a year since I have been to SAFRA Mt. Faber to join the guys for training. Because of the upcoming GE30km KL in Jan09, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the MF slopes as well as show FatBird and friends the scenic MF region and give them a taste of what to expect at GE30km.

Bug had kindly allowed us to tag along with the SAFRA MF runners for this Sunday run. When I arrived to the SAFRA MF Clubhouse, there was already a large group of runners assembled. The SAFRA Tampines RC was also out in full force, led by David Shum. They too were at MF to begin their training for GE30km. Nice to meet all the familiar faces again.

After a brief by Bug, we set off at about 7.30am. First stop was the NUS slopes, where we ran along Depot Road, up Pasir Panjang Rd, then to 99-winding roads @ Buona Vista. The group stopped for a while to gather everybody, before making our way into NUS. The run up NUS Central Library from Clementi Road was a interesting one for the new runners, and they were duly with flowers to smell when they finally reached the top....haha. I was really impressed with their determination, especially being first-timers on those slopes, on quite a hot day.

The next slope up Kent Ridge Park was another interesting leg, but no problem for the determined runners. I had a steady workout along the way, and having not run on the slopes for some time, I too felt a little 'chuan' with the hard work up those hills...I love it. After a final break up Kent Ridge Park, the group went for our final slope at Mt. Faber. One group had enough and went straight back to the Clubhouse. The rest went up Morse Road to have a feel of the MF slope, and we made the descent down the steeper Kampong Bahru side. Because of the downslopes, I developed a light case of black toenail...hmm. With the blazing sun out in its full glory, the final group was happy to complete our 23km hill run in 2hr43min (of course with many stops and chats in between..hehe).

It felt good to run the slopes again, and many of the FatBirds were happy they came and braced the MF challenge. They vowed to be back for more, and I promised there will be even more for them to explore next time....haha. A slight incident happened with confusion about the use of bathing facilities for SAFRA Running Club members, but that did not put a dent at all on the enthusiasm of the group to go for the very 'sinful' claypot laksa topped with Avocado shakes at the Alexandra Village food centre. YN, Terry and the other gang went to Vivocity for some happening bathing facilities, shopping and makan.

Min was so hungry from the workout that he walloped a claypot laksa and a plate of duck rice. kopibaby and Max were also furiously hungry...I guess that is what the MF slopes do to runners lah....make them famished....haha. With this return to MF, I look forward to doing more MF runs in 2009 to help beef up my endurance as well as leg power. Next, it will be the slopes at MacRitchie (MR) next Sunday for the MR25 Ultra-Marathon...I am expecting to see yet another good turnout of runners, supporters as well as cheerleaders.

Distance: 23.11km__Time: 2hr43min__Pace: 7min/km

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